I can partner with your design / development firm to serve your clients' usability needs.

I have already partnered with several of the premier software / Internet design and development firms in Canada and the US. I have provided them with expertise in user-research, user-interface / user-experience design, and usability testing on many projects with their clients.


I will work with your own company as a business partner that provides specialized, third-party expertise that your projects require, or your can provide my skills to your clients entirely under your own company banner so your can build your relationship.

My credentials tell your clients and prospects that you are serious about usability and are not just paying lip-service to the usability line item in their project plan.

We can also work together to write responses to RFPs (Request for Proposal), co-sponsor marketing initiatives, or partner to develop provide synergistic offerings that we can bring to our clients and prospects.


If a partnering relationship isn't suitable, I am happy to pay a fee for your qualified referrals that result in billable work.

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Last update: June 2012
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